Gungahlin Village Car Parking update

Earlier today we shared a post Gungahlin Village 2 hour parking limits enforced through automatic number plate recognition and subsequently we have received an update from JLL who are the property managers for Gungahlin Village.

JLL have confirmed that they have recently appointed Wilson Parking to undertake the car parking control function at the centre. Up until now. this control function has been managed by the ACT Government.

JLL advised us that the two hour car park limit has been in place for many years and is intended to facilitate a steady turnover of spaces throughout the day. Wilson Parking has been appointed to ensure this two hour limit is more effectively monitored and controlled for the benefit of tenants and shoppers.

A JLL spokesperson for Gungahlin Village said "As a convenience-based centre, it is imperative that we provide our customers access to convenient parking throughout the day, in order to meet their expectations”.

“We have been listening to feedback from our tenants and customers that parking has become an increasing concern at the centre. By monitoring the two hour limit more closely, we will achieve a higher turnover of spaces and more convenient parking for shoppers.”

“JLL and the centre owner, ISPT, will closely monitor the transition of the car parking control function to Wilson Parking and actively take on board feedback from the local community.”

The car park controls are in place Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5.30pm.

Disabled spaces are fully exempt from the two hour limit.

Senior customers are invited to obtain a Gungahlin Village pass from the Centre Management Office and will be exempt from the two hour limit whilst the pass is on display inside their vehicle.

Customers may make multiple visits to the centre in one day, provided they do not stay for more than two hours in a single visit.

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