Wagi Bridge Official Opening

Today the Wagi Bridge which spans a natural water line of the Ngunnawal people between Moncrieff and Amaroo was opened by Minister Yvette Berry with Ngunnawal Elder, Warren Daley.

Wagi is a Ngunnawal language name that means "Dancing" and compliments the Moncrieff theme of music.

Wagi Bridge was erected to connect Amaroo with Moncrieff without interrupting the natural water flow that situates on a Ngunnawal Aboriginal water path line. The natural water path line was followed and used for many thousands of years by the Ngunnawal people. They followed the water path line that flows through the middle of Moncrieff and Amaroo to Ngunnawal and down to Nicholls.

At the plague for Wagi Bridge you will also notice an Aboriginal painting by Ngunnawal artist Richie Allan that depicted the flow of the water and people dancing by the water.

The following video captures the official opening event. 

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