Necessary works may cause possible water discolouration in Amaroo and Bonner

Icon Water crews are conducting necessary works which may cause temporary water discolouration in the Amaroo and Bonner area on Tuesday, 20 February 2018.

As a result of these works there will be a change in direction of water flow. This may cause temporary water discolouration in the area due to some sediment being stirred up within the network. read more

Helicopter flying to keep the electricity network reliable

Evoenergy will be patrolling ACT powerlines by air from 5 February, all part of the annual bushfire mitigation and safety maintenance program.

Helicopter patrols are used by Evoenergy – and all distribution companies around Australia – to assess how close vegetation is growing to powerlines in order to keep obstructions away from overhead wires. read more

Potential for water discolouration in the Inner North Canberra and Gungahlin areas

Icon Water has increased pumping of drinking water within the Canberra water supply network which has the potential to cause some water discolouration. This is likely to affect suburbs of the Inner North Canberra and across the Gungahlin area today which should clear tomorrow. read more

Don’t forgot to decorate safely this festive season

As we approach a wonderful time of the year, with many dusting off decorations and Christmas lights to brighten their home, it’s important to take steps to stay safe as you celebrate this festive season.

The highest priority should be to check cords on any lights and decorations to make sure they have not frayed or been damaged during storage. read more

Buyer beware: big energy discounts could come with a shock

If you want to save money on your energy bills, don’t chase the biggest discount.

That’s the advice from consumer groups who have examined a range of electricity and gas deals and found that those offering generous discounts can also have the highest usage and supply charges. read more

Too busy to be bushfire prepared?

October marks the beginning of the 2017 bushfire season, so today Canberrans are being urged to prepare their properties and have a bush fire plan in case of emergencies.

ActewAGL Branch Manager Asset and Network Performance Leylann Hinch said as the ACT Emergency Services Authority (ESA) has announced this year poses a higher than normal bushfire risk, we are reminding Canberrans to begin their bushfire preparations. read more

Update: Water discolouration in Casey, Ngunnawal and Moncrieff

Icon Water has identified the source of water discolouration in Casey, Ngunnawal and Moncrieff that was reported by customers yesterday. This afternoon crews located a damaged water main as a result of development works for the new suburb Taylor, which is now isolated. read more

Water discolouration in Casey, Ngunnawal and Moncrieff

Icon Water crews are investigating reports of water discolouration in Casey, Ngunnawal and Moncrieff today Tuesday, 26 September 2017.

If your water appears, tastes or smells objectionable it is not recommended that you drink the water. Customers experiencing discoloured water are advised not to use washing machines and dishwashers as it may stain clothing or clog filters.  read more

Power outages affecting North Gungahlin - update from ActewAGL

Following on from last nights blog post Power outages affecting North Gungahlin - ActewAGL apology we have received the following update from ActewAGL read more

Power outages affecting North Gungahlin - ActewAGL apology

Over the last couple of weeks parts of suburbs in Gungahlin's north have been affected by unplanned power outages. The suburbs that have been affected have been Bonner, Moncrieff, Jacka, Ngunnawal and Amaroo. read more

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