Giggle & Wiggle returns with new booking system at Gungahlin Library

Libraries ACT’s popular children’s learning program Giggle & Wiggle returned this week with some changes at Gungahlin LIbrary. read more

Clear overdue library fines in February with food for charity

Libraries ACT is giving members the opportunity to clear unpaid fines for overdue items by donating food in a promotion designed to assist people in need across Canberra, starting today.

“During the month of February, members with overdue items are encouraged to participate in Food for Fines and donate tins or packets of non-perishable food in exchange for fines being removed from their membership record,” Minister for Transport and Municipal Services Meegan Fitzharris said. read more

Meet Judy Nunn at Gungahlin library

Best selling author Judy Nunn will visit the Gungahlin library, tonight, Wednesday 4th November 2015, to talk about her latest book Sprits of the Ghan.

"We are excited to welcome Judy to our library and to provide Canberrans with an opportunity to meet such a popular author," Vanessa Little, Director of Libraries ACT said today. read more

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