And den there was 50 – wild Eastern Quolls playing in Canberra

After being absent from the mainland of Australia for 50 years, the Eastern Quoll is making a comeback in the wild at two sister sanctuaries– Mulligans Flat in Canberra, and Mt Rothwell in Victoria.

With the removal of the threats of foxes and cats, due to innovative predator-proof fences, the Eastern Quoll has been given a fighting chance to re-establish itself once again. read more

Wasps due to come out of hibernation for warmer months

After a mild dry winter, European wasps (eWasps) sightings will become more frequent over the coming warmer months as they start to establish nests.

Transport Canberra and City Services’ wasp specialists, CoreEnviro Solutions, are advising some eWasps were reported as being on the move in June and July, indicating many nests went untreated. read more

Paintback pushes new direction for unwanted paint disposal

Paintback officially launched operations in the ACT with a mission to change the way people deal with potentially hazardous paint materials once they are no longer of use.

Paintback is a voluntary, national project which offers a safe and accessible way to dispose of unused architectural and decorative paint, without sending it to landfill. read more

Anytime Fitness Gungahlin wins 2017 Actsmart Business Sustainability Award

Businesses across the Canberra region were today recognised for their commitment to making a change towards a more sustainable future at the annual Actsmart Business Sustainability Awards.

The awards ceremony held at the Pialligo Estate showcased the outstanding achievements of organisations participating in the Actsmart Business programs. read more

Tree removal and replacement program to begin for light rail construction

Trees along the Northbourne Avenue, the Federal Highway and Flemington Road corridor will begin to be removed in sections from next week as construction continues on Canberra’s light rail project.

“As the community will be aware, to build light rail we will have to remove and replace trees along the light rail corridor. Overall more trees will be replanted as a result of the project,” Minister for Transport and City Services Meegan Fitzharris said. read more

Mulligans Flat Woodland Sanctuary Springtime Action

Spring is the time when our woodlands come to life.

More than 300 people have visited Mulligans Flat in the first two weeks of Spring, through a range of coordinated activities. Visitors have included school groups, Twilight Tour participants, Turtle Patrol volunteers and Australia’s Threatened Species Commissioner. read more

A new partnership to address illegal charity bin dumping

The ACT Government is to work closely with The Smith Family to address concerns regarding illegal dumping at charity bins around Canberra, Minister for Transport and City Services Meegan Fitzharris announced today.

“The proposed agreement will see The Smith Family conducting daily sweeps of the city to remove material left around charity bins for an initial period of 12 months,” Minister Fitzharris said. read more

Sign-up for Turtle Patrol this Spring

Volunteers are being sought to help patrol the Mulligans Flat predator-proof fence looking for turtles who are trying to get in and out of the sanctuary.

“Whilst eastern long-necked turtles are smelly, they are also charismatic. Their annual migration patterns see them on the move across Canberra at this time of year,” said Mulligans Flat Project Officer Emily Belton. read more

Scrivener Dam water release video

Due to the sheer amount of rain that Canberra received last week there was a need to release water out of Lake Burley Griffin at Scrivener Dam. It is a rare occurrence nowadays this happens. I can remember as a child watching water being released from the dam several times however in my adult life it seems very infrequent. read more

ACT Government to consider the future of charity bins around Canberra

The ACT Government will look further into the management of charity bins following examples of extensive dumping taking place and consider removing them permanently from some locations, announced Minister for Transport and Municipal Services Meegan Fitzharris today.

“The management of charity donation bins is difficult. On the one hand they help support charities with donations of clothing, footwear and blankets, but on the other hand they are used by some people to dump unwanted items from their house,” Minister Fitzharris said. read more

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