Amaroo School expansion underway

From MLA Yvette Berry: "Today I visited Amaroo School to turn the first sod of the new Amaroo School expansion. This $13.16 million project combines the construction of new learning areas for 300 extra students as well as the extension of existing infrastructure and the building of brand new hard court facilities.

In our recent 2017/18 budget, the government recognised the need for investment in our Gungahlin public schools. Public school enrolments in the Gungahlin region have grown by about 53% over the last five years. read more

Pre budget announcement $24m for Gungahlin schools

The ACT Government is committed to building more schools across Canberra and investing in our existing ones so kids can always find a place at a good local school close to home.

Public school enrollments in the north of Canberra have grown by about 53 per cent over the last five years. This budget will expand capacity of Harrison School, Gold Creek School, Neville Bonner Primary School and Palmerston District Primary School. read more

Taqwa Islamic School for Moncrieff

Taqwa School opened in 2015 in it's current location in Spence offering families a learning environment for their children within an Islamic context. Taqwa School gives these children the knowledge, skills and dispositions to achieve their potential and contribute positively to the Muslim community, Australian society and humanity at large. read more

New eftpos grant helps protect teens in Amaroo

Amaroo teens will be better protected from the sun thanks to funding from eftpos’ Shade for Secondary Schools program – providing sun shade at Amaroo School.

eftpos will provide funding for an additional 18 high schools across Australia, for permanent shade or a marquee to be constructed on their grounds. This brings the total funding for the Shade for Secondary Schools program to $1.25 million. read more

Mobile speed cameras now active in more school zones

A total of 43 school zone sites will now allow mobile speed cameras in an attempt to reduce speeding and improve road safety around schools, Minister for Road Safety Shane Rattenbury said. Gold Creek School is the only school in Gungahlin where a mobile speed camera can be used.

“Last year the ACT Government announced it would expand the number of locations where mobile speed vans could be located, including allowing them in school zones for the first time,” said Mr Rattenbury. read more

Astronaut lands in Gungahlin College to fire up about STEM

Gungahlin College students had the opportunity of a lifetime today to talk space shuttles, aeronautical engineering and space science with a former NASA astronaut visiting from the USA.

Professor Greg Chamitoff, a Professor of Practice in Aerospace Engineering and Director of the Aerospace Technology Research and Operations Center, visited Gungahlin College as part of an official two day tour of Canberra to talk about aerospace and careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). read more

More classrooms, better facilities for schools in CBR’s fastest growing region

The ACT Government has announced that the upcoming budget will invest an additional $20m into Gungahlin schools to meet the demands of one of Australia’s fastest growing regions.

With a number of new and expanding suburbs in the area, the Gungahlin community has seen a significant population growth of 44.8 percent over the past five years. read more

$2 million for active travel to keep children healthy and safe

The popular Active Streets for Schools and Ride or Walk to School programs will be expanded in this year’s ACT Budget to encourage more children to walk or ride some or all of the way to school for a number of Gungahlin schools. read more

John Paul College welcomes its inaugural Year 11 class

For most of us, 2040 is just a long way away. For Catherine Rey, Principal of John Paul College Gungahlin, it’s always in sight.

“In 2040, the graduates of 2018 will have been in the workforce for about twenty years!” she said. “I wonder how many different jobs and the varied career paths they will already have had. We can’t begin to imagine what their world will be, or the jobs that our students might be called on to do. We can nurture them as curious, capable and committed learners, so they leave our school with the skills to thrive. That is our philosophy at JPC.” read more

Do we have a super kid or super school in Gungahlin?

Every day, children around Australia are showing super hero qualities such as courage, bravery, perseverance, determination, compassion and kindness in their daily life. In this spirit, The Good Guys has launched a national awards program to recognise and celebrate Australia’s super kids and super schools.

In its inaugural year, The Good Guys Super Kid Awards program will recognise children aged 6 – 12 who have demonstrated their inner super hero strengths and capabilities, and will honour children whose super hero qualities have helped them to make a difference in their community by doing good. read more

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