ACT Neighbourhood Watch - Good Neighbour Award 2018, goes to....

Each year ACT Neighbourhood Watch celebrates Neighbour Day with a Good Neighbour Award to a resident of the ACT. It is granted to a nominee for making a positive difference to their neighbourhood; making a special effort towards people around them; offering to help out in practical or special ways or for volunteering or supporting the local community.

This year the Good Neighbour Award goes to Amy and Prescott Pym from Forde. read more

Palmerston 2016 Census Profile

Founded in 1994, Palmerston is another of the Gungahlin region’s more established suburbs and, as such, has a level of stability that’s seen little change in the past few years. read more

Nicholls 2016 Census Profile

Nicholls is one of the more mature suburbs of the Gungahlin region with a population that reflects its lengthier establishment within the ACT. read more

Ngunnawal 2016 Census Profile

With a population of  10,486, Ngunnawal is one of the Gungahlin region’s largest suburbs and it increased by roughly 17% between 2011 and the latest Census in 2016. read more

Harrison 2016 Census Profile

The suburb of Harrison has increased its population by three quarters in five short years, with a building boom in unit dwellings spurring on the rapid rise.

According to the latest Census, Harrison’s population is now 7687, a jump of 3246 people since 2011, with units now making up 26.6% of the housing stock compared to 0.3% five years ago. read more

Franklin 2016 Census Profile

The Gungahlin suburb of Franklin has grown by over 40% in the past five years, featuring a population of predominantly young families where almost 10% of residents are below the age of five.  read more

Crace 2016 Census Profile

Home to only 500 people in 2011, Crace has rapidly expanded, now accommodating almost 4500 residents who very much reflect the Gungahlin way of life. read more

Casey 2016 Census Profile

First settled in 2010, Casey is another of Gungahlin’s suburbs that has experienced significant growth in the past five years, with the population almost quadrupling from 1492 people in 2011 to 5758 residents in 2016. read more

Bonner 2016 Census Profile

The suburb of Bonner is three and half times larger than it was five years ago with a baby boom among the factors contributing to the growth. read more

Hall 2016 Census Profile

Described as a small village on the outskirts of Canberra, the Gungahlin suburb of Hall is one of the few areas to record a population decrease in recent years. Now home to 271 residents, it features a rural feel, wide open spaces, and a history that dates long before the establishment of Canberra. read more

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