re:imagine Gold Creek Country Club to present at GCC

Last Friday the 6th April Gold Creek Country Club launched a community consultation program called re:imagine Gold Creek Country Club.

As part of this campaign Gold Creek Country Club is looking to change the 18 hole golf course into a compact 18 hole golf course and develop the back 9 holes into something other than a golf course. This is where they are seeking community consultation seeking ideas and suggestions.

The reaction from Nicholls residents was immediate and clear with a resident at the launch of the campaign taking the opportunity to address the room and express his dissatisfaction with any proposed changes to the Golf Course. There was clear support from other attendees in the room at the completion of his talk.

It is clear from conversations online there is a strong push from local residents and golf enthusiasts for the golf course to remain as it is currently is and for the golf course to be maintained as a championship level golf course as it was sold to the Konstantinou Group in 2005.

Gungahlin residents and business owners have the opportunity to attend the April Gungahlin Community Council meeting on Wednesday night where they can hear directly about re:imagine Gold Creek Golf Course and ask questions about the consultation process.

There will also be a public meeting held by Nicholls residents at 2:00 pm on Sunday 15 April on the corner of Curran Drive and O’Hanlon Place. To contact the spokesperson for this group you can email saveyournichollslandvalues@gmail.com

For background the block in question is NICHOLLS: Block 14, Section 86 which is zoned PRZ1: Urban open space and PRZ2: Restricted Access Recreation Zone.

Zone Objectives for PRZ1: Urban open space is
a) Provide an appropriate quality, quantity and distribution of parks and open spaces that will contribute to the recreational and social needs of the community
b) Establish a variety of settings that will support a range of recreational and leisure activities as well as protect flora and fauna habitats and corridors, natural and cultural features and landscape character
c) Allow for stormwater drainage and the protection of water quality, stream flows and stream environs in a sustainable, environmentally responsible manner and which provides opportunities for the community to interact with and interpret the natural environment
d) Allow for ancillary uses that support the care, management and enjoyment of these open spaces including park maintenance depots, small-scale community activity centres
e) Ensure that development does not unacceptably affect the landscape or scenic quality of the area, adequacy of open space for other purposes, or users, access to open space, or amenity of adjoining residents
f) Provide for integrated land and water planning and management
g) Provide safe pedestrian and cycling access to urban open space to promote active living.

Zone Objectives for PRZ2 - Restricted Access Recreation Zone is:
a) Accommodate facilities that will meet the recreational needs and demands of the community and are appropriately located for the potential users of the facility
b) Make provision for a range of sport and recreation facilities, whether in public or private ownership that may be commercial in nature
c) Ensure the amenity of adjoining development is not unacceptably affected by the operation of sport and recreation facilities, particularly in terms of noise, traffic, parking, privacy and outside lighting at night
d) Design and landscaping of development is to be compatible with the surrounding landscape

To develop anything outside these zone objectives will require the block to be re-zoned through a Development Application process first to which the community will be able to submit their feedback to through formal processes.

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