Police target tailgating in Canberra

ACT Policing’s Traffic Operations team will be focusing on tailgating for the month of July 2017.

Most drivers have been in a situation where they feel they have been followed too closely by another vehicle. The obvious risk is that the tailgating driver won’t have enough time to brake if needed. This risk is amplified when driving in conditions such as in darkness and rain. In these conditions, drivers should allow a greater distance between their car and the car in front.

Tailgating is dangerous and intimidating to the driver in front, posing a risk of serious injury to all involved.

A tailgating driver may also receive a Traffic Infringement Notice for driving behind another vehicle too closely to stop safely, carrying a fine of $340 and one demerit point.

Officer in Charge Traffic Operations Station Sergeant Marcus Boorman asked that drivers use common sense on the roads and allow a safe distance between their car and the car in front.

“Drivers need to be mindful that they are sharing the roads with others and that the safety of all drivers is paramount. Always allow yourself time to react,” Station Sergeant Boorman said.

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