Just stay off your phone whilst driving

ACT Policing would like to remind drivers and riders to stay off their mobile phones.

Use of mobile phones whilst driving or riding is distracting. Drivers and riders must have full control of their vehicle and pay attention to road conditions at all times.

It is an offence for drivers and riders to use a mobile phone whilst driving or riding, this includes when stationary in traffic. If you need to use the phone pull over and park.

The mobile phone can be used for navigational purposes and police suggest you set the destination prior to driving.

In 2017, ACT Policing issued 1299 traffic infringement notices (TIN) for drivers and riders using mobile phones illegally.

These TINs incurred a fine of either $447 and 3 demerit points or $548 and 4 demerit points.

Officer-in-Charge of Traffic Operations, Detective Sergeant Marcus Boorman said road safety is everyone’s responsibility.

“Driver distraction is one of the leading causes for serious injury and death on our roads. No message, phone call or social media post is worth that risk.”

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