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Creating a professional web presence for small businesses at an affordable price.

Who's this Josie Brown everyone’s talking about? There’s a slight chance you haven’t been hearing my name everywhere… Although if you’re browsing my website you will see my name a lot!

I’m Josie and I love creating awesome websites for small businesses. I am an Australian web designer and I have been building websites since 2012.

I have 2 small children who like to occupy most of my non-work time, although I’m trying to get some self-care fitting in too (any clients who book me in for a massage mid-project get bonus points!)

This started with my own e-commerce stores using Magento and WordPress – now I do all new websites using WordPress, although I have been known to help people out with their existing websites running on almost any platform.

Why work with me?

Since 2014, I have been working in IT (offering support services to schools and working for the Australian Government).

In 2012, I created some e-commerce stores and worked on those for a while. Then a few years later I decided to use the computer oriented parts of my brain to my advantage, while allowing my creativity to have a go centre stage building awesome websites for all different sorts of businesses.

Check out my ever expanding portfolio.

I'm Local
I’m based in Gungahlin (so depending where you are, this statement may not apply)

The hosting I offer is based in Australia and I’m very happy to meet up with local businesses to discuss your needs in person.

Another advantage of working with me (if you’re from Australia) is that I’m in the same timezone, so we don’t have to chat at random times or wait a day to get a response.




82 Wanderer Court,

ACT, 2914

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