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Elements4Life - Train4Life

Elements4Life is operated by genuine fitness professionals who are passionate about the fitness industry and passionate about helping other people. The true importance of health, fitness, strength and a happy lifestyle is often overlooked and misunderstood. It can seem so far away without any clear path to achieve success. The team at Elements4Life is encouraging people to invest in their health, invest in our programs and invest in a better lifestyle. Let us help you.

The best coaches are those with life experience, maturity and their own story to tell. Erin Wells, a mother of 4, has had her own personal battles with weight and postnatal mindset. She started her journey to true fitness with a Personal Trainer and inspired many along the way. Now she is a coach helping others achieve the same results. As a business owner passionate about changing peoples lives with supportive coaches, she has diligently employed the best Personal Trainers and support staff in the region, chosen on a strict selection criteria.

Sebastian Ellis has been appointed by Elements4Life as Head Coach and is in charge of all facility programming and personal training. With 20+ years high performance sport, athletics, general life and coaching experience, Sebastian brings a diverse and broad outlook to training and lifestyle adaptation. He literally has thousands's of personal training sessions under his belt with numerous corresponding success stories. Whether your goal is aesthetics, fitness maintenance, athletic performance, fighting depression or you just want to improve your current lifestyle and health, Sebastian is the right coach to get you to where you want to be. Training should also be fun and you will find this within his specially designed Small group training classes called X-Element which should be apart of everyones training schedule.

Our mission is simple. To provide you with a platform to establish a better lifestyle and achieve true fitness and health in a friendly atmosphere close to home. 

Are you interested in Personal Training?
Do you enjoy Group Training?
Do you want an Exclusive Gym Membership and train when you want?
Do you want your variable programs pre arranged?
Do you want fitness systems that work and are sustainable for the rest of your life?


Suitable for all levels of fitness as we will scale to your needs. 

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Elements4Life small group training system is called X–Element. This is an effective system that focuses on variable functional training methods with the aid and guidance of established and mature coaches. 

We will provide the intensity, fun and guidance. 

Suitable for all levels.




79-81/170 Flemington Road,

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