About My Gungahlin


Our vision is to be the premier source of information about Gungahlin and to develop a sense of community within the Gungahlin region.

Mission Statement

We will be a leading force in the Gungahlin region in providing relevant news and information to all members of the Gungahlin community.

We provide Gungahlin community groups & businesses the opportunity to promote and develop their community group & businesses within the region.

We will assist in developing strong networks and linkages between residents, workers, business and community groups in the Gungahlin region.

My Gungahlin

Here you will find local news, articles of interest, local events and listing information for Gungahlin businesses, schools, sporting groups, community groups and support groups.

We encourage individuals, schools, sporting groups, community groups and support groups to provide news or articles of interest to share with the community.

We will also list events held in Gungahlin or events relevant to the Gungahlin community. Events that are of a community interest such as open days, festivals and fetes we will list for free in our calendar of events.

We provide Gungahlin businesses the opportunity to promote their business to the Gungahlin region by sponsoring My Gungahlin and becoming a Platinum Partner. My Gungahlin also offers other marketing and branding services such as web site design, graphic design and printing. Please see ‘Our Services’ section for more information.

You can follow My Gungahlin on social media channels on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


My Gungahlin first started as a website with a primary focus on providing an online business directory for Gungahlin. The original site had over 750 Gungahlin businesses listed and had a small news section for Gungahlin news and information.

In 2012 My Gungahlin had a change in strategic focus and launched a new new website which provided more news, information and events for the Gungahlin region. The business directory was still included in the new web site design and the number of Gungahlin businesses increased to over 900.


In June 2013 to celebrate achieving 3,000 Facebook LIKES My Gungahlin launched it's new logo.

July 2013 My Gungahlin launched its third and current website design to make it easier for news, information, events and businesses to be displayed.

We are excited about the future for My Gungahlin and thank you for your interest and support.